Andaman Islands: In Wonderland

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ISBN Number 9789383098651
Author Dr Tilak Ranjan Bera
Copyright Year 2015
Book Binding Hardcover
Page Count 232 Pages
Dimensions (Cms) 23.5 X 23.5 X 2 Cms
Language English
Publisher Niyogi Books
Stock Status In Stock
Category Coffee Table Book : Travel


This fascinating book takes the reader on a journey to the Andaman Islands, a captivating archipelago that has been shrouded in mystery because of its geographical distance from the mainland of India. The author, in his unique style and lucid manner, reveals the natural, cultural and human wealth of these islands through his personal experiences, extensive studies and explorations of the region for over 25 years. The Andaman Islands: In Wonderland captures the various moods of the terrain and its rich heritage in different seasons. It contains detailed descriptions of the disastrous effects of the tsunami that took place on 26 December 2004. Its exclusive photographs and meticulous presentation make the book a collector’s choice.

Dr Tilak Ranjan Bera

Dr. Tilak Ranjan Bera is an avid nature lover and has a passion for travelling, writing as well as photography. He completed his medical graduation from Calcutta Medical College in 1981 and post-graduation in Ophthalmology from Mumbai University. Dr Bera has also explored many remote areas of India and has written about them extensively. In recognition of his works, he was awarded the Fulbright Nehru Fellowship by the United States – India Educational Foundation as well as a Senior Research Fellowship by the Ministry of Culture, Government of India. He was an Associate at Yale University in the USA, during his Fulbright Fellowship.


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