Evidence-Based Orthopedics, 2nd Edition

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ISBN Number 9781119414001
Main Author Mohit Bhandari
Copyright Year 2021
Edition Number 2nd Edition
Format Book ( Hardback )
Imprint Wiley-Blackwell
Page Count 1184 Pages
Publication Date 1-Jul-2021
Language English
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Evidence-Based Orthopedics is an up-to-date review of the best evidence for the diagnosis, management, and treatment of orthopedic conditions. Covering orthopedic surgery as well as pre- and post-operative complications, this comprehensive guide provides recommendations for implementing evidence-based practice in the clinical setting. Chapters written by leading clinicians and researchers in the field are supported by tables of evidence that summarize systematic reviews and randomized controlled trials. In areas where evidence is insufficient to recommend a practice, summaries of the available research are provided to assist in decision-making.

This fully revised new edition reflects the most recent evidence using the approved evidence-based medicine (EBM) guidelines and methodology. The text now places greater emphasis on GRADE—a transparent framework for developing and presenting summaries of evidence—to allow readers to easily evaluate the quality of evidence and the strength of recommendations. The second edition offers a streamlined presentation and an improved standardized format emphasizing how evidence in each chapter directly affects clinical decisions. Incorporating a vast amount of new evidence, Evidence-Based Orthopedics:

  • Features thoroughly revised and updated content, including a new chapter on pediatric orthopedics and new X-ray images
  • Provides the evidence base for orthopedic surgery as well as pediatric orthopedics and orthopedic conditions requiring medical treatment
  • Covers the different methods for most orthopedic surgical procedures, such as hip replacements, arthroscopy, and knee replacements
  • Helps surgeons and orthopedic specialists achieve a uniform optimum standard through a condition-based approach

Aligns with internationally accepted guidelines and best health economic principles Evidence-Based Orthopedics is an invaluable resource for orthopedic specialists, surgeons, trauma surgeons, trainees, and medical students.


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