108 Vishnu Temples: Architectural Splendour, Spiritual Bliss

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ISBN Number 9789385285370
Author Avey Varghese
Copyright Year 2017
Book Binding Hardcover
Page Count 520 Pages
Dimensions (Cms) 29.2 x 22.8 x 3 Cms
Language English
Publisher Niyogi Books
Stock Status In Stock
Category Coffee Table Book : Architecture


Architectural Splendour, Spiritual Bliss is a pictorial journey into ancient architecture and the art of temple construction and sculpture with interesting trivia about 106 Vishnu temples across the length and breadth of India; a devout Vaishnavite is expected to complete a pilgrimage of these sites to gain access to the two temples in the mystical realm. These temples are collectively known as the 108 Divya Desams amongst Vaishnavites, more particularly Vaishnavites from South India and are distributed across India – eighty-four in Tamil Nadu; eleven in Kerala; two in Andhra Pradesh; eight in North India and one in Nepal. Laden with historic, religious and architectural eminence, these temples often remained concealed in the folds of history. With detailed images and wholesome information on the temples’ history, architectural brilliance, art forms, rituals, beliefs and landscapes, the book is aimed at connoisseurs of art, architecture and literature. The book opens up an incredibly fresh experience of knowing these veiled jewels from the pages of the past. The photographs elucidate the author-photographer’s mastery over his craft, making the images seem life-like, touching the soul of the beholder.


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